David Briggs

David Briggs in his studio

I have been an artist since the age of eight but have been a professional artist for fifteen years.


All my work is abstract based it runs in series over the years, colour, form and design are of great importance to me and I also try to extol all my work with a sense of integrity.


I find in my work practices that I need to follow one particular path at a time, be it working in oils, acrylics, small or large works, sculpture's or paintings. I believe this gives me a continuity of thought and a balanced approach to my subject.


On returning to painting I was compelled to simplify, as over the last few years my works have become increasingly complex in composition and direction, whilst I believe older imagery to be of merit I felt it important to clear my thoughts. I did this by working with a limited pallet and a simplification of theme.


I also enjoy working in different disciplines such as sculpture and ceramics and intend to move more into this field in the future.